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Andrea W.

I wanted to send you a quick thank you note.  We adopted Spirit (formally Neymar) in April.  I’ve grown up with dogs, and have been allergic to cats and never had one.  My son, who turned 7 in May, loves cats and has been asking for one for almost 3 years.  I finally came across hypoallergenic cats and my search led me to your company.  I was nervous bringing Spirit home, but I had to let you know that he’s completely changed the family in such a positive way!  He’s funny, cuddly, and has taught my kids a lot about caring for someone!  He makes us laugh every day, and it’s such a great feeling when he cuddles up on our chest and starts purring.  He’s also been a feisty little playmate for our Boston Terrier.  He’s an amazing little fuzzball who has become such a wonderful, central part of the family.  Everyone that meets him comments on what a unique and personable cat he is.  (We usually hear, “He’s like a dog!”).  He’s totally changed my perspective on the grumpy cat stereotype I’ve had for years, and he’s transformed me into a cat person.  (Don’t tell my dog!). My kids are already asking for a second kitten, so I know we’ll be back sometime in the future for another addition to our family.  Thank you for the amazing work and fantastic little creatures!  I also appreciate all the help you provided when I was asking questions prior to and after bringing him home!


Megan M.

I'm allergic to most house cats, but love them, so when I found out hypoallergenic kitties were a thing - I was so excited! After doing all the research, I found Nikki and Prim N' Posh. She gave me personal advice on how to care for my kitten in the beginning (bathing, specific food, vitamins, etc). She screens EVERY cat she breeds for diseases to ensure the health of each kitten. They're all raised in her home by her and her family, so they arrive socialized. If for any reason you have an issue or concern, she encourages us to ask her and even started a page specifically for adopters to connect with others. I honestly have never seen someone care so much for animals. Nikki has a wealth of knowledge as well as a gift for breeding.


Emmy S.

When we started our search for a Devon Rex breeder, we never expected to find such a good one so close to us! Nikki was always up front and communicative during the whole process, no to mention friendly and passionate! All of her animals are vey loved members of her family before going off to their own families. You can definitely tell how well they are cared for by the health and temperaments of her animals. She walked us through the process and asked what we were looking for and went out of her way to match us with a 4 month old boy. When we adopted Crash, she provided all of his records and he was up to date on everything and neutered. When I say he is a perfect match for us, I mean he is a PERFECT match. He's a beautiful Devon, his personality is out of this world, and we are so thankful for Nikki and Prim N Posh. We can't wait to get another!


Amanda S.

Precious baby boy, Jinx, I got from Prim N Posh Exotics. I definitely would recommend their cattery!


Venessa K.

When I saw Aphrodite's (Gamora), I instantly fell in love. Words cannot describe how much I love her. She is absolutely beautiful and has the best temperament and personality. She is so loving, a Velcro kitty. Nikki was very professional and a dream to work with. She was accommodating and knowledgeable, answered any questions, even after I adopted her. I was recommended to her by another adopter, and I am happy I was! I drove 5.5 hours to get her and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I wouldn't get another cat from anywhere but Prim N' Posh Exotics.


Tanya H.

We got a kitten from Prim N Posh in Dec 2019. There were many challenges because of a slight cold that she had. However, Nikki stayed in very close and constant communication with us. Even though we were not able to get her as quickly as we wanted, we re grateful that Nikki did what was best to make sure our new kitty was as healthy as possible before coming home to us. Nadia, aka Sapphire, is the most sweet and loving cat!


Trisha P.

We are blessed to be a two time adopter from Prim N Posh (Denise). Eleven was our initial interest and then a year later, her mother became available for retirement. Our girls are simply the best. My husband, who has never loved cats, is infatuated with these girls ... who he calls his "cat dogs". They have such unique loving personalities. No health issues at all, other than when one ate my son's nerf dart & toxic bug. So blessed my babies Eleven Jane and Tootsie Mahoney.


Caroline W.

I adopted "Vaughan", one of Violet & Ari's babies from April 2021. Adopting from Nikki has been one of the best choices I ever made. He has the most amazing personality; bold, loving, affectioinate, playful, smart. The process of adopting & picking him up from Nikki was very smooth & made me feel like I could really trust her program. She's very transparent and communicative and you can tell she deeply cares about the cats she breeds. I'm about to get a 2nd from PnP so Vaughan can have a friend and I can't wait!


Jamie S.

I couldn't be happier with my cat, Arugula (Amur), from Prim N Posh. He is silly, playful, sweet, vocal, clingy, and cuddly. All the things I was looking for! Nikki and her team are always super responsive answering my questions as they come up. Her cats are so beautiful, I'm already waiting on my 2nd one!


Amanda R.

Got this little fella from Prim N Posh, after I lost my Jack Jack. She is hands down the best breeder around. Her fur babies are very well taken care for, well socialized, loved, etc. I highly recommend her to everyone and I will only buy from her, which I'm working on getting another one!


Lauren R.

I have 2 cats from Prim N Posh and I have never had sweeter, more beautiful cats. They have the best personalities, more loving and playing than most cats. They sleep with you and cuddle all the time. Best money I've ever spent. 


Liz H.

I got an amazing cat from Prim N Posh! He's been nothing but a joy. He follows me everywhere I go, is full of personality, and makes me laugh every day. I can't say enough great things about him and how professional Prim N Posh was with purchasing him. I'm so pleased that I'm looking to purchase another kitten. Isn't he so cute?!!


Megan U.

Prim & Posh is *THE ONLY* cattery to buy your special kitten babe! Nikki was there for me from the very beginning of this adventure, giving me her number and answering all, even the silly questions I had before I put down my deposit. Her & her team respond quickly. She stays up to date on her FB page so you see ALL the new babies being born! Once on the waitlist, you stay on until the exact kitten you're looking for is available. My Albus is the LOVE of my life & I do't know what I'd do without him. He was worth every single penny & I can say that PNP will be the only cattery I purchase any kitten. 10/10 Highly Recommend. 


Katie L.

My husband is allergic to cats. I've been begging for 11 years! Then I found out Sphynx were hypoallergenic for most people! I found Prim and Posh Exotics after a few days of searching. They had a sphyx available - he was perfect! Neo is amazing and my husband was in love. They're best friends. The day I picked up Neo, I put a deposit on our 2nd kitty, a black Teddy Rex. Nibs and Neo became fast friends. Of course, I fell in love with another sphynx, Nova, and then a maniac Devon, Nuke! I can't even describe the joy and happiness they bring to our home! We have cuddle buddies and entertainment for hours. They all have so much personality. PNP have been spectacular from day one. They always answer my qeustiosn whenever I reach out. They are a wealth of knowledge and genuinely care about their breeding program and the families they allow their kittens to join. I've picked up my kittens each time from their homes and have been welcomed in. Their cattery is clean and well kept. 10/10 across the board!


Johnson Family

You'll never find a more loving breeder than right here! They truly care about each and every one of their babies. Notice I didn't say cats because they aren't animals to them, they are babies! Little babies that are a part of their family until they find each one the perfect home. When I called, I had so many needs with my son who wanted a kitty so bad. He had allergies though and we knew this was the breed that worked for him. However, we still wanted to make sure we got the right one. Then a picture of Ewok was seen! It was love at first sight. And when they met, it was an instant connection. If you want a kitty that comes from a great place that you know is taken care of way before even birth, this is the place! You won't find better! Thank you for making sure our family got the perfect family member added! He is just what we needed!


Susan K.

We cannot say enough good things about Prim and Posh exotics! We adopted Storm (white minskin) as a kitten and fell in love so hard that as soon as his father, Ollie, became available, we were all in! The personalities of these cats are unparalleled. This was our first foray into bred cats and it has been mind-blowing. They are super loving, playful, and very well-socialized and always want to be where you are. People come over and their entire concept of cats changes by the time they leave. They play fetch more than our dog. Ollie tries to shoulder-surf everyone who enters our home. They are such a joy! My husband was okay with the cats we had had previously before these two shoed up, but he is head over heels in love now. Dealing with Prim and Posh has also been a pleasure and they are always there for a follow up question or help if needed. 


Anastasia D.

I met Nikki because of her volunteer work with FIP Warriors. She is giving, loving, and selfless with her animals. She's completely dedicated to her children, Phil (her husband), and their animals. She helped me and so many other people save our beloved pets and rescues. I'd definitely recommend her as a breeder and I'm a rescue! We don't do that often, if ever. 


Denise M.

I was on the hunt for a Devon Rex adult cat.  In searching for a legitimate cattery it proved difficult.  There are many people with scams out there.  By sheer luck someone from Prim and Posh commented on something that I had written and it proved to be a legit cattery.  I was looking for an adult cat as this was for my 80 yo mother.  She did not need a kitten at her age.  I was specific on what I wanted, a lap cat and boy did we get one!!  Nikki helped direct me to Adira who proved to be the best companion.  She will snuggle with you and acts like a dog as well by following you, coming when you call her or fetch, lol!  She loves to sleep on my mom and anyone else who will let her.  I can not thank Prim and Posh enough, specifically Nikki, for making the process easy.  Adira (new name Kitty) is the absolute best!

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