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about us

more than anything, we're family

primnposh exotic cats

Growing up, there were always animals around, and I can’t imagine life any other way. The tradition my parents started is one I’ve continued, as my husband and I raise our three children with a love for all kinds of animals. My parents were not breeders, but breeding is something I became passionate about, and it started with Pekingese.


Since then, I have worked with breeding programs on other dog breeds, small animal breeds, and in 2013, through a partnership with a cattery, I fell in love with hairless cats. In 2018, Prim-n-Posh came into its own. It’s been the opportunity of my life, as my love and appreciation for other exotic breeds continue to flourish.

* Finksburg Location *

. nikki .

primnposh exotic cats

I was raised in a family that nurtured and developed my own love for animals, and it’s a love that I wanted to be sure my children grew up with, too.


And so, when Nikki invited me to be part of Prim-n-Posh, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew that what she was building was more than a cattery: it’s a family, and to me, family is everything.


I am married to my best friend, and together we have three beautiful (human) children.  

* Crisfield Location *

. denise .


I currently live in Morris County, NJ with my husband, son, and our super loved 4-legged crew. We can't wait to relocate to our farm in Hunterdon County, early summer of 2022!

I've spent most of my life training and showing Quarter Horses, while remaining involved in local dog and cat rescue efforts. 

I am now a licensed New Jersey Realtor and am very excited to e a part of the Prim N Posh family! I can't wait to start sharing the magic of these amazing cats with other loving homes. 

* Lebanon Location *

. sheena .


My husband of 16 years and I are currently raising our 4 children in Manchester, Maryland. For the better part of that time I have been a Stay-at-Home Mama and have enjoyed every minute! Nikki and I have known each other for well over 30 years and have become more like family as the years have passed! I started transporting for Prim-n-Posh about 3 years ago and my love for the exotics grew very quickly! Not too long after I started working for Nikki in her Cattery and now... here I am! These furry babies make my heart so happy and I'm glad I get to do my part in sharing them with you!

* Manchester Location *

. courtney .


I live in a small town on the lower eastern shore of Maryland on a chicken farm with my husband, two dogs and a cat.
My daughter started breeding Sphynx and that is where my love had grown for that breed of cat and through her breeding them I was able to own my very own hairless girl that I love so very much.
I love the exotic cat breed so much I had asked if I could be apart of such an amazing breeding family that goes above and beyond to breed the best quality of babies you can own. So here I am and so very excited to get started with Prim-N-Posh!

* Crisfield #2 Location *

. tracy .


I am from Macungie, Pennsylvania where I have worked as a Registered Nurse for over 10 years. I started my breeding journey  by seeking out a family pet. Since I had always grown up with cats that was the natural choice for us. I started researching which breed would fit my family best. 

That's when I found and fell in love with the Minskin! I became so fascinated by the breed, I wanted to help the  advancement.  That led me to Prim N Posh. When the opportunity presented itself I didn't hesitate to join the team!


* Macungie Location *

. jennifer .


Married mother of 2 adult kids with 1 grandbaby, but I’m a cool granny so I am GIGI to him. I am a Registered Nurse and Assisted Living Admin now working remotely doing insurance claims.


Cat lover! Truly the crazy cat lady. I previously bred dogs, but cats are my true loves. I have taken classes in pet nutrition and pet psychology. My family thought it was crazy, but you would be surprised about what I can tell about a cat and what its thinking from the class. I have 2 short hair exotics from Prim N Posh and
3 Sphynx: one being a bambino. I am excited about breeding the Orientals. I can’t wait for potential owners to know the love of a cat. The healing power of a purr that makes the day brighter.

* Richlands Location *

. sonja .


I'm a proud Navy wife, living with my husband, daughter, & purr-babies. I've been blessed to have two kittens from Prim N' Posh! Nixie Whiskerson and Grizelda Meowington (pictured)! 

While, I'm not one of the breeders, you will see me when I reply to emails, Instagram or Facebook messages, keeping track of kittens, contracts, payments, etc! 

My job is to allow the breeders to focus on the cats, kittens, puppies, & their families. So if you have any questions please feel free to contact us! You'll be hearing from me.

* Virtual Assistant *

. angela .

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