about us

more than anything, we're family

Growing up, there were always animals around, and I can’t imagine life any other way. The tradition my parents started is one I’ve continued, as my husband and I raise our three children with a love for all kinds of animals. My parents were not breeders, but breeding is something I became passionate about, and it started with Pekingese.


Since then, I have worked with breeding programs on other dog breeds, small animal breeds, and in 2013, through a partnership with a cattery, I fell in love with hairless cats. In 2018, Prim-n-Posh came into its own. It’s been the opportunity of my life, as my love and appreciation for other exotic breeds continues to flourish.

. nikki .

Nikki is not just my friend and neighbor: she is my mentor (and a fantastic one!). It was through her that my love for exotic cats developed, and my husband and two boys support my endeavor into the “catting” world. ;)


Breeding and raising exotic cats is not a hobby, but an absolute part of my life. It provides me as much joy, inspiration, and opportunities for learning as my other passions, which include leading worship at my church and the work I did as a neuroscience and labor and delivery nurse.

. libby .

I was raised in a family that nurtured and developed my own love for animals, and it’s a love that I wanted to be sure my children grew up with, too.


And so, when Nikki invited me to be part of Prim-n-Posh, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew that what she was building was more than a cattery: it’s a family, and to me, family is everything.


I am married to my best friend, and together we have three beautiful (human) children.  

. denise .