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Deposit Info

Please Note: Deposits are Non-Refundable

1. Non-Refundable $100 to join the waitlist, giving you the option to choose your kitten first. When it's your turn to "Pick or Pass" and you pick a kitten, Non-Refundable $400 will be due at that time, to reserve the kitten as yours.

2. $500, if a kitten makes it through the waitlist, they will be listed on the "Available Kittens" page. A Non-Refundable $500 deposit will be due to reserve the kitten as yours.

The $500 total does go towards your kitten's fee.

Deposits can be sent to:

- Venmo @Nicole-levin-13

- Apple Pay 443-398-6759

- Zelle 443-398-6759

- Major Credit Cards (+2.8% fee)

- Direct Deposit from your Bank Account (no fee)

** Please note, use friends/family option. If we are charged a fee, that fee will be added to your balance due **


Please include your name, address, phone/email, and the kitten's name or which waitlist you want to join, in the description so we know who the payment is for.

** Please ensure you've completed an Adoption Application as well **

Two Options:


Cats and Kittens

Bambino: $2400-$2600

Devon and Teddy Rex: $2100-$2300
Note: Teddy Rex is exactly like Devon Rex. Same leg length, furr type, and hypoallergenic. The only difference is Pedigree, the Teddy has Minskin in their DNA.

Minskin: $2500-$3000

--- Straight Coat: $2000-$2300

--- Straight Coat, Long Legs: $900-$1200

--- Dom/Odd Eyed Long Legs: $2800

--- Dom/Odd Eyed Shorties: $3000

--- Elf Ears, add $250 to above price

Minuet and Munchkin: $1800-$2200

---Straight Coat: $1500-$2000

Oriental Shorthair: $1900

Sphynx: $2100-$2300

Retired Cats: $600-$1500

** There is a waitlist for each breed,

including Retired Cats **

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