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pricing & waitlist info

Deposit Info

Please Note: Waitlist & Reservation

Fees are Non-Refundable



The Waitlist give you the chance to choose a kitten on a first come, first to reserve basis. The Waitlist is continuous, which means the timing of the birth of future litters can't be accurately predicted. If you consider yourself to be a good candidate for giving one of our Prim N Posh kittens or cats a loving, lifelong home, then follow the steps below ... 

1. Be sure to complete an application HERE - you will get an email confirmation within 48 hours, with steps to follow to join our waitlist or reserve a specific kitten.

2. Join the Waitlist by sending a $100 Non-Refundable Waitlist Fee, using the Friends/Family option. This fee is also applied to the adoption fee. Please keep in mind we have multiple breeders, but to join the waitlist, you will be sending the fee to the owner, Nikki Rock. Once you choose a kitten, the payment will go to the breeder who has that kitten. Please send fee to:

   - Venmo @Nicole-levin-13

   - Apple Pay or Zelle 443-398-6759

3. Join the Waiting Room - Once you submit the Waitlist Fee, you will be sent an invite to download GroupMe, a free app, and a request to join our Waiting Room. When we have kittens come available, 3 hours in advance, we will send out a message to the Waiting Room informing everyone of the link, password, and deadline to reserve a kitten. This is a first come, first reserved basis. 

   - If you are the first to reserve a kitten, you will get a confirmation email within 24 hours with steps to complete the reservation. 

   - If you do not reserve a kitten, you will remain in the Waiting Room and will be notified when the next litter is available to be seen.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.


Your purr-fect kitten is worth the wait!


Cats and Kittens

Kindly be aware that. prices listed may fluctuate based on breeder location, state fees, vet expenses, and other factors.

For specific pricing, please see the available kittens page for their adoption fees. The pricing below is not "set in stone".

Bambino: $2400-$2600

Devon & Teddy Rex: $2100

Note: Teddy Rex is exactly like Devon Rex. Same leg length, furr type, and hypoallergenic. The only difference is Pedigree, the Teddy has Minskin in their DNA.


   * Shortie, Rex Coat - $2500

     - Odd Eyes - $2800

     - Elf Ears - add $250 to above

   * Shortie, Straight Coat - $2000

     - Odd Eyes - $2300

     - Elf ears - add $250 to above

   * Long Legs (aka Teddy Rex) - $2100

     - Odd Eyes - $2400

     - Elf Ears - add $250+

     - Straight Coat - $1200

Oriental Shorthair: $1900

Retired Queens/Kings: $600-$1500

Sphynx: $2100-$2300

     - Odd Eyes - $2500

 ** Please Note ** 
All Dom Eyes or Odd-Eyes add $500

Dom or Odd-Eyes on White Only add $200

** There is a waitlist for each breed,  including Retired Cats **

What's Included

Cats and Kittens

The adoption fee includes the following;

- Parents of kittens are FELVS tested before coming into our homes

- We do not allow, nor do we have any outdoor cats.

- Cattery tests are done every 6 months to ensure healthy cats and

   kittens throughout our locations.

- The spay/neuter

- Microchip

- Health Certificate

- 1 year congenital guarantee

- 3 year HCM guarantee

- Negative fecal

- Two rounds of distemper vaccines

- 1 month of free Health Insurance

- Lifetime Breeder Assistance

- Does NOT include Travel/Shipping - we will provide you a list of

   flight nannies that have worked with us

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