Declawing Kittens/Cats

We want to make sure you know that declawing can cause lasting physical problems for cats. Many countries have banned declawing, because of how inhumane it is (it's like taking off a person's toes). We hope that you find the time to research what it means to declaw a cat or kitten. A great starting point is visiting

If you'd like more information, please let us know and we'd be happy to help!

Diet and Nutrition

Our kittens are raised on a high-quality, nutritious diet. They are schedule-fed, 2x a day.


The majority of each meal consists of wet kitten food with a bit of dry offered on the side (see below for the brands and flavors they are accustomed to). 


Dehydration is a serious concern for cats, and it can lead to health complications that can sometimes be fatal. Offering fresh, clean water is absolutely necessary, but it isn't always enough.   


To ensure that kittens (and adult cats) stay hydrated, in addition to always having clean and fresh water available, be sure to add fresh drinking water to their wet food at each meal. 


If you have any questions about your kitten's diet or eating habits, or if you are considering offering a different brand or type of food, please discuss it with us.


We are here to help, before and after your kitten comes home.

What we use

Wet Food and Dry Food Please click the button below to order  From Life's Abundance.

We use (with Grain) Wet food which is 90% of their diet. Hard food should just be a snack!!  We also suggest their ear wash, shampoo, treats, and fragrance spray!! Ear wash is super important twice a week as these cats are prone to Yeast. 

Health and Hygiene

A high quality, nutritious diet is a very important part of your kitten's health and well-being, but it is not the only part.


It is as important that you help your kitten learn to practice good hygiene and that you make certain all hygiene-related products are safe. 

It is important to get kittens accustomed to regular baths, nail trims, and ear cleanings. 

What we use


The Honest Kitchen, Daily Boosters, Beef Bone Broth

Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets, FortiFlora and Imuquin 

Meal Time:
Don't forget bowls for food and water, and consider investing in a water bubbler or fountain, which can help keep water from becoming stagnant. But it must be cleaned regularly. 
We use a PetSafe Water Fountain

Litter and Accessories:

-World's Best Cat Litter, green bag

-Dr. Elsey's Ultra Litter Attractant, not always necessary, but it never hurts to have it on hand.

-Solid, sturdy litter mats (like the Cat Litter Trapper, which are available on Amazon) make it a lot easier to keep your kitty's litter area clean.

-There are a variety of litter pan designs. We use combinations of basic, uncovered pans (like this SoPhresh model) and domed pans with a stair entry

Pet Insurance:

This is very important. We recommend Trupanion.  

We provide the first 30 days, upon the kitten's arrival at your home. Per the contract agreement, the adopter agrees to keep the insurance for at least 3 additional months. Please click on the button below to get your copy of the Trupanion's Certificate to activate your first 30 days.