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bulldog studs

We offer AKC French & English Bulldog Stud Service!

We can breed your female at our location in Finksburg, MD when your female is ready, or if you live too far, we do also ship chilled semen to your veterinarian's office over-night with Fed Ex. There are additional shipping charges per sample. This includes a chilled insulated box, and sample of chilled semen with extender. We repeat the breeding if it is unsuccessful the first time.


If you are interested in using one of our beautiful males to breed with your female, please contact us for more information.

Whiskey son of Maui

French Bulldog

10 early lock-ins at $1500

Lilac & Tan Merle

DOB 07/28/2020

L4 Fluffy Carrier

2 copies dilute

2 copies co/co

No piebald/brindle intensity

1 copy mask

health clear

pictures of parents included in photo gallery to the left


English Bulldog

10 early lock-ins at $900

Chocolate Fawn - Odd Eye


1 copy dilute

2 copies b/b

1 copy piebald

health clear


French Bulldog

10 early lock-ins at $

for late summer 2021

Lilac and Tan


Carries fluffy, cream, coco, dd/atat

No brindle

No piebald

health clear

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